Church Phone: 612-827-4406
Child Care Phone: 612-827-1237
Chi Rho Phone: 320-274-8307

St. John’s Lutheran Church,
4842 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55419

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Church Staff:

Pastor Mark A. Tiede

Dan Cherryhomes,


Peder Flaten, Church Organist
Started at St. John’s in
January 2012
“I’m happy to be a part of this congregation, that’s warm, welcoming and full of talent. I’m also looking very forward to our future together as a progressive church, cultivating new ideas and moving forward with our growth plans.”


    Ann Paulson,
Assistant for Ministry


Tina Shear,
St. John’s Child Care Director
I began working at St. John’s in 1988.  Not sure how time has moved so quickly…..  I LOVE working at St. John’s!


Venita Ditlevson, St. John’s
Child Care Asst Director
I have worked here since 1988.  I love the kids and the families that I’ve been a part of for so many years.  There is no more rewarding job than working with children!


David Helm, Camp Chi Rho Manager
“I started working at Camp Chi Rho July 2008. I enjoy the many different jobs that come my way, the variety of each day and all the wonderful people I have met through the years. It’s also awesome to hear what a great time they had visiting the camp and can’t wait to get back again!”


Sabrina Rowe, Church and Child Care Cook


Joseph Sahai, Church and Child Care Custodian