Here are the answers to visitors’ frequently asked questions:

How Long Is It?
Sunday worship begins at 10:00 am ((9:00 am in Summer) and typically ends by 11:00 (or 10:00 am in Summer), sometimes a little earlier, sometimes a little later. Donuts are served in Fellowship Hall right after worship. (Fellowship hall is just below the sanctuary– you can ask anyone for directions)

What’s the Dress Code?
People wear whatever is comfortable for them. You will see folks in suits and others in jeans.  Our sanctuary is not air-conditioned, so shorts are definitely OK in summer.

What’s It Sound Like?
Worship music at St. John’s is traditional Lutheran liturgy and hymns. For a sample, watch and listen to this video or read about participating in the music programs.

What About the Kids?
Children of all ages are welcome in the worship service. Experienced nursery care is available in a fun playroom if parents prefer.  Parents are invited to attend Sunday School or Confirmation at any time. More information about activities for children at St. John’s.

More questions? We would be glad to answer them. Please Contact Us.