Wednesday Evening and Thursday Morning Forum

Please note: No forum will be held this Thursday, November 30. In October and November Wednesdays at 6:30 PM and Thursdays at 10 AM for 1 hour Pastor Mark Tiede is teaching an 8-session forum on Rev. Martin Luther and the Reformation. These studies are specifically to help us build more familiarity with who Luther was, what he taught and why it is not just a story from 500 years ago but also how he is still influencing our lives today 500 years later. Together we’ll explore: 1. Jesus is God’s Best Idea Ever (Luther’s “Salvation by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ”) 2. The Bible Is God’s Word for You, But It Isn’t Your God (Luther’s “The Word of God”) 3. Church is Messy and Holy (Luther’s “The Church and the Christian Life”) 4. Forgiveness Will Change Your Life (Luther’s “The Forgiveness of Sins”) 5. Finding God the Last Place You Would Look (Luther’s “Theology of the Cross”) 6. Guess Who’s Coming to Worship?! (Luther’s “The Means of Grace and Christian Worship”) 7. Telling the Truth Twice (Luther’s understanding of the Law and the Gospel) 8. You Didn’t Choose me, I Chose You! (Luther’s understanding of “Election”)

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