…to be a people of welcoming, worship, healing and serving in this extraordinary time. Members and staff have been working together to provide ways of connecting spiritually, emotionally, and socially while maintaining physical distance.

In the meantime:

1) Sunday worship will continue virtually for the foreseeable future at 10 a.m. via Facebook. These worship services can also be viewed through St. John’s website. A worship bulletin for each service will be posted on both the website and Facebook in printable format, or for opening in a separate window, to follow during each service. Then join in fellowship via Zoom following worship! The link for this will be posted on Facebook.  If you need either the bulletin or fellowship link emailed to you, please let us know.

2) A Task Force has been formed by recommendation of St. John’s Committee on Administration and charged with defining the metrics we’ll use to decide: † How will we know when we can/should reopen? † When to reopen? † How to reopen? † What will worship look like when we reopen? Emerging as an important parallel concern is  † How do we foster a sense of community in the meantime?  Those serving on this Task Force are Sarah Tellijohn, Dr. Jim Gambucci, Peder Flaten, Ann Paulson, Dan Cherryhomes, and Pastor Mark.

3) Pastor Mark posts occasional live video blogs on St. John’s Facebook page, offering informative updates, reflections, and encouragement. St. John’s Facebook Group and St. John’s Calling Tree continue to be avenues for members to share an urgent need, prayer concern or information with the members. Please contact Pastor Mark or Ann Paulson to initiate a call through St. John’s Calling Tree.

4) Committees, Staff, Council and even our Annual Meeting have gathered in conference calls and Zoom meetings.

5) During this ‘in-between’ time, the Church Staff will be in and out of the office, but WILL have access to their voicemails and emails. So feel free to call the church or email us. We will get back to you as soon as we can. And please do contact Pastor Mark with prayer concerns or if you are in need of encouragement or help.