Welcome to the new year! (Whew we made it!)

Though we started 2019 with a bang, we also had those moments of frustrations and difficulties—especially in the administration side of things. Having 6 different bookkeepers between January and October (Angela, Barb, Angela, Stacy, Sarah, and Patty) caused many glitches within our financial management system. But after bringing in a consultant to assist us in fixing our financial management system and adding new safeguards to our methods of handling money, sending and receiving invoices, recording transactions, and creating reports, I believe we are well on our way to a system that will be far more transparent and efficient than in this past year. It is my hope and goal that 2020 will be a year of crystal clear clarity. It seems exactly right to have 20/20 vision in the year of 2020.

But we also celebrated many wonderful things in 2019:

  •   We accomplished some rather significant milestones in bringing all of our ministries under one roof!
  •   We began using a new Membership Directory called Breeze, giving members access to the directory on their computers and smart phones;
  •   We created a new chart of accounts for our financial reports which still keeps the financial records distinct for each “class” of the Church, Child Care Center and Chi Rho Center;
  •   We started a new relationship with Wayzata Community Church (United Church of Christ) at the Chi Rho Center which significantly improved the cash flow there;
  •   In December we signed another 2-year Agreement (for the summers of 2020 and 2021) with WCC;
  •   Kira Winter started in August as our new Director of Worship and Music and successfully directed the 30th annual performances of Handel’s Messiah;
  •   The Child Care Center will be changing its invoicing system so as to be easier to understand;
  •   The Child Care Center yet again has waiting lists for children to enter the program on all levels;
  •   The church and Child Care Center families partnered to meet the needs of the Giving Tree and Justice Page Middle School requests;
  •   As a congregation we took in five new members:
    •   1 by infant baptism
    •   1 by adult baptism
    •   3 through transfer
  •   Our worship attendance is up 5% over 2018;
  •   Our prayer list continues to grow by people requesting to be prayed for;
  •   The percentage of members involved in the committees’ ministries is remarkable; and
  •   There is a general sense of optimism and hope around the church.Although I am tired with both the systemic stressors endured and all the moments of vitality experienced in 2019, I am grateful for all of it! Those things that were difficult caused us to learn and grow and those things that were a blessing caused us to express our gratitude and set new goals.With 2019 behind us and 2020 before, let us press on into God’s future for us together.

    Pastor Mark