The Giving Tree open until December 18

Each year St. John’s Child Care Center likes to take on a group giving project to help our children realize the importance of helping others in need. For the past 18 years, St. John’s Child Care Center and the congregation of St. John’s Church have worked together on this special project.

This year we have a new GIVING TREE opportunity.  We are going to partner with our next door neighbors, Justice Page Middle School (formerly Ramsey Middle School).  Fifteen families have been identified by social workers, Annie and Cassie, as “highly mobile/at risk”.  During winter break we will assist those families to make ends meet with food to prepare and gift cards to purchase food.  Our goal is to provide each family with a backpack bursting with food, one Target gift card and one CUB gift card. After those backpacks are filled, additional food donations will be added to the existing food shelf at Justice Page Middle School.  Additional gift cards will be given to families in need by the social workers on home visits.

Your family can be a part of the GIVING TREE by taking one or more gift tags and returning it with the food items and/or gift card by DECEMBER 18th, 2017.

Just in case you prefer not to take a tag from the tree, always remember that  $25 gift cards for groceries or clothing (Cub and Target are preferred) can be easily purchased and dropped on my desk as a gift for one of our families in need.

If you would like to help, here is what you do:

  1. Choose tags from either tree. (One in the hallway near the gym and the other at the Child Care


  1. Purchase the item/items written on the tag.
  2. Return your gift to the Giving Tree by Monday, December 18th, 2017.

We are VERY excited to be collaborating on this FOOD DRIVE  effort.  TOGETHER we DO make a difference for families in our community.  Thank you for your generous gift and kindness!!

Happy Holidays!!!

Child Care Staff

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