St. John’s Lutheran Church seeks to engage all people in meaningful and grace-oriented worship. The Director of Worship and Music Ministry will be a primary staff person in ensuring quality worship and music.

If you are interested in the position below, please contact the church office.

Director of Worship and Music Ministry
St. John’s Lutheran Church
Minneapolis, MN

Part time – exempt

The Director of Worship and Music Ministry must see this position as a ministry to and with the people of God known as St. John’s Lutheran Church. Commitment comes from an understanding of God’s inclusive love for us and God’s deep desire for us to communicate the Good News of Jesus Christ in and through worship and music. A willingness to grow in faith, and in this position, is a requirement as the worship life of St. John’s evolves.
Specific experience will include a Bachelor’s Degree in Music with an emphasis in choral or instrumental conducting or demonstrated experience in both. Leading worship and coordinating the musical ensembles of choir, hand bells and brass is required; significant experience on keyboards is recommended. The candidate must be able to work well with all staff, volunteers, and musicians of all abilities to further this congregation’s ministry.
Description of Responsibilities
The Director of Worship and Music Ministry will:
1. Have primary accountability for the planning, organization, execution, and evaluation of St. John’s total worship and music ministry, so as to provide quality worship and a complete Christian music ministry of excellence, involvement, and inspiration for the entire church year.
2. In collaboration with the pastor, organist, and/or committees, be accountable for planning the worship services and service music for all regular, seasonal, festival, summer, and non-Sunday worship services.
3. Provide primary staff leadership to the Worship and Music Committee (scheduling and recruiting greeters, assisting ministers, communion preparers, ushers, etc.), and work with other committees and organizations of St. John’s in the development of a total Worship and Music Ministry.
4. Provide primary staff leadership to the St. John’s Music Series, including meeting regularly with the Music Series Committee and scheduling events; recruiting, hiring and rehearsing the musicians, and conducting the community concerts of the St. John’s Oratorio Chorus.
5. Have primary responsibility for music selection and preparing the choirs and other musical ensembles (e.g handbells, brass etc.).
6. Recruit and coordinate summer music, guest musicians and musical groups for worship in cooperation with the Worship and Music Committee and the pastor.
7. Provide staff leadership to the Sunday School or children’s choir as needed to further the musical education in St. John’s Children’s Ministry.
8. Administer the business affairs of the worship and music ministry of St. John’s, including the development and oversight of music budgets, expenditures, and projecting capital music purchases as well as the maintenance and care of all music supplies, equipment, and instruments.
9. Seek to develop with the Worship Committee, artists and others a visual ministry of worship through seasonal decorations, permanent arts and physical objects that will enhance our understanding of God’s creativity and beauty.
10. Seek to expand worship and music opportunities for the congregation as mutually agreed upon with staff, Worship and Music Committee, and Congregational Council.
11. Attend the annual Augsburg University St. John’s Lutheran Church John Norris Scholarship award event.
12. Other duties as assigned
The Director of Worship and Music Ministry will be responsible to the Pastor. Opportunity for review and goal setting will take place periodically.
Work Relationships:
The Director of Worship and Music Ministry will:
1. Emphasize and be a collegial part of the team with the staff of St. John’s Lutheran Church recognizing the importance and role of each staff member in the total ministry of the congregation.
2. Foster a spirit of joy and loyalty with fellow staff members and musicians.
3. Work cooperatively with the Worship and Music Committee and the St. John’s Music Series Committee to further the varied offerings of St. John’s Lutheran Church and explore/implement additional experiences and opportunities.