… in their very exciting summer camp program. This summer they will be using Chi Rho Center during the months of June and July August. They will also be using the retreat center for small group Bible study during the fall and winter of 2019.

As part of our efforts to “get to know you better,” some members of their congregation, including their council president, attended worship services at St. John’s on January 20. They enjoyed the experience very much. They REALLY liked our big rolls and doughnuts at coffee hour. On Sunday, January 27, some members of the Chi Rho Center Committee braved the cold and attended their 9:00 A.M. service at Wayzata. This was their annual CAMP service and it marked the beginning of registration of their youth for summer camp. By the beginning of the 9:00 ser- vice they had already received over 400 registrations. They welcomed us with open arms and they recognized us dur- ing the service. They are extremely excited about using Chi Rho Center and want us to be involved in a number of ways.

There were a number of things that happened during the service at WCC that the folks at St. John’s should know about. Some would say it’s just coincidence, but others would say it was the Holy Spirit at work. First, the Pastor’s sermon was all about inclusion and the need for their church to be open and welcoming to all people. This, on the very same day that St. John’s Congregation voted to become a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) church.

Secondly, about 55-60 years ago St. John’s had an active Koinonia program. This is a program of small group
Bible study, usually done in church member’s homes or in certain public places. Koinonia groups often went on retreats, and this was one of the primary drivers for our effort to find or build a retreat center. Chi Rho Center was the result of those efforts, and St. John’s has operated it for the last 51 years. Guess what! Wayzata Community Church has an active Koinonia program and will probably be using Chi Rho Center for retreats this year!

We thank God for this opportunity, and ask for all your prayers for the success of this Christian Camp experience for the children!

St. John’s Chi Rho Center Committee Members