The following is an example of a “typical” day at St. John’s for our school-agers:

1:30-2:00 Large Muscle
2:00-4:30 Arrival of Students (grades 1-4)
2:00-3:00 Games, Toys, Manipulatives, Blocks
3:00-4:00 Project/Activity Time
4:00-4:30 Homework, Journals, Reading, Choice Time
4:30-4:45 Wash Hands, Snack Time
4:45-5:30 Large Muscle Time
5:30-6:00 Choice Time, Homework, Reading

Listed below are some of the activities your child will be involved in during their day with us:

Board Games Art Exploration
Competitive Games Cooperative Group Games
Cooking Activities Science Exploration
Manipulative Play Reading
Large Muscle Games Sensory Activities
Dramatic Play Homework Time
Block Building Music/Singing