At St. John’s Lutheran Church we worship together on Sunday mornings.  Come!

We hope our bulletins invite participation during worship and clearly indicate the order of service or liturgy.  Liturgy is a Greek word that means that the people are involved and engaged.  When we speak and sing the liturgy back and forth in conversation, we are all participating and bringing scripture to life in worship.

Together with the Gothic architecture and stunning stained-glass windows of our church building, the liturgy creates a traditional rhythm of Lutheran worship that integrates a variety of hymns and worship components.  The liturgical settings may change seasonally and festival Sundays invite an opportunity for musical ensembles to share their gifts for God’s glory.

Worship invites leadership from many people.  Our children often serve as greeters, bring the gifts of bread and wine forward, and make music during worship.  Many people prepare communion, bring bread, read scripture and help in other valuable ways. The church choir leads us in song and ushers help worship participants feel welcome.  If you would like to learn more about leading in worship, ask a leader or call the church office.