Here are three additional ways you can now make financial contributions to St. John’s:

1)  Mail in your check. Many of you are doing this and we are truly grateful!

2)  If you would like to save the stamp, you can give Text-giving a try by simply texting the word ‘give’ to 612-800-0444 and then following the prompts. Enter the amount you wish to give and add a specific frequency if you wish to set up a recurring donation. For example, text ‘give’ and when prompted for amount, text the words ‘$50 weekly’ and your account will send $50 every week until you cancel it. Just change the dollar amount to the amount you would like to contribute. Pretty slick!

3)  Another option which makes your contribution go even further is to set up a Thrivent ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction with the church office. This minimizes the fees to the church and is also completely controlled by you.