Child Care Phone: 612-827-1237

St. John’s Child Care Center’s staff consists of: a Director, an Assistant Director, Teachers, Assistant Teachers, and Aides. All staff members meet the DHS licensing standards. Staff can be reached at 612-827-1237.





Tina Shear, St. John’s Child Care Director I began working at St. John’s in 1988.  Not sure how time has moved so quickly…..  I LOVE working at St. John’s!






Venita Ditlevson, St. John’s Child Care Asst Director
I have worked here since 1988.  I love the kids and the families that I’ve been a part of for so many years.  There is no more rewarding job than working with children!



St. John’s staff feels that early childhood education should:

  • focus on the whole child
  • embrace children’s individual differences
  • be developmentally appropriate
  • teach through active, hands-on experiences
  • focus on the importance of play in the lives of children
  • provide a safe and nurturing environment
  • be culturally appropriate and meet the needs of children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds

Child Care staff are also located on the contact page.