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Chi Rho Center, an outreach ministry of St. John’s Lutheran Church of Minneapolis, nurtures body, mind and spirit.


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New Snowblower!

A huge thank you to Gordy for donating the snowblower to Chi Rho!

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Women’s Retreat 2016

“Listening for God in a High Tech World” is the title of St. John’s women’s retreat in March 2016. This adventure of faith is led by Ann Teel Rabe, of St. John’s Episcopal Church, former […]

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Easter Breakfast at St. John’s

Easter Breakfast at St. John’s Lutheran Church at 49th and Nicollet in Minneapolis will be held before worship on Easter Sunday, March 27 from 8:00 to 9:30 AM.  Donations will support Chi Rho Camp & […]

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We miss you, Glenn!

  • Summerfest

Summerfest 2015 was a success!

What a fantastic Summerfest! We had many people all weekend. On Saturday folks enjoyed the music of four groups, including our Belz Brothers. Tacos in a Bag, hamburgers, brats, watermelon and more were served all […]


  • Chi Rho Center has distinctive Red Doors! Welcome!

  • Men's Retreat!

  • Come and play!

  • Confirmation Retreat!

  • Smooth sailing!

  • Campfire creates a mood!

  • Take a canoe for a ride!

  • More games!

  • Swimming weather!

  • Welcome to Chi Rho Center!

  • Beautiful music at sunset!

  • Chi Rho Peninsula on Lake Sylvia, Annandale, MN

  • Go for a wonderful hayride in the fall!

  • Kick your heels up with some line-dancing!

  • Bobbing for apples! Fun for all!

  • Having fun making HUGE bubbles!

  • Hit the basketball courts!

  • A refreshing swim in the lake with friends!

  • Catching fish on a summer day!

  • Carving pumpkins in the fall - fun for everyone!

  • Playing hockey on the ice - a great time to be outdoors!

  • Brass musicians playing outdoors - great entertainment!

  • Our winter landscape is beautiful!

  • Come see our beautiful sunset over the lake!

  • Come see our fall colors over the lake!

  • Playing with friends at Camp Chi Rho!

  • Evenings around the campfire are the best!

  • Group gatherings and play are delightful at Camp Chi Rho!

  • Relaxing on the dock on a beautiful summer day!

  • Activities for all ages!

  • Ringing the dinner bell at Camp Chi Rho!

  • Picnic at Camp Chi Rho!

  • Summerfest music at Camp Chi Rho!