From October 4 – 6, St. Albert The Great Church ladies’ group from Minneapolis will be here to enjoy group talks, have family style meals together, games and puzzles and relaxing. The group has about 20 ladies, and they have been coming out to Chi Rho for a few years now!

The following weekend, October 11 – 13, ‘Music Meditation,’ a mixed ladies’ and men’s group, comes out to meditate to music and have peaceful walks and talks together.

On October 15 – 16, Grace Hill Church will come out from Cokato to have a youth retreat with around 15 youth and their leaders. They will have discussion and team building together.

On October 18th to 19th a men’s group from Min- neapolis will attend for outdoor activities, fishing and social time together.

St. Joan of Arc Al-Anon from Minneapolis will conclude the month with a men’s and ladies’ retreat for group discussion and evening social time to- gether.

A busy month ahead!

David Helm

Chi Rho Center Manager Annandale, Minnesota (320) 274-8307