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James Neuman Lodge Cliffside All-Season Dorm Fireside Summer Cabin Hillside All-Season Dorm Sunrise Summer Cabin Bayview Summer Cabin Staff Cabin Hermitage Glasshouse Summer Cabin Sunset Summer Cabin Lookout Summer Cabin Basketball Court Beach and Swimming Playground Summer Dining Hall Fishing Docks and Boat Launch Campfire Ring The Field

James Neuman Lodge

James Neuman Lodge includes a Fireside Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Game Room, lower level Conference Room, and restrooms. The large windows overlook beautiful Lake Sylvia.

Cliffside All-Season Dorm

Cliffside's eight rooms have two bunk beds in each room. Handicap bathroom is also included.

Fireside Summer Cabin

Fireside Cabin includes eight bunk beds in one room.

Hillside All-Season Dorm

Hillside Dorm has six rooms with 2 bunk beds each, a lounge, and handicap accessible bathroom.

Sunrise Summer Cabin

Sunrise is a summer cabin with three sleeping areas: 1) two twin beds and two couches, 2) four twin beds, 3) one twin bed.

Bayview Summer Cabin

Bayview Cabin

Staff Cabin

Staff Cabin is for summer use.


The four small summer Hermitage cabins are perfect for one person each.  They are named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Glasshouse Summer Cabin

Glasshouse has two rooms.  The front room contains six bunks. The second room includes two twin beds.

Sunset Summer Cabin

Sunset includes nine bunks in the front room, six bunks in the back room, and five mattresses in the loft.

Lookout Summer Cabin

Lookout has four sleeping areas with four bunks in the front room, two twins in the middle, and three and four bunks in the right and left rooms.

Basketball Court

Pickup game, anyone?

Beach and Swimming

No lifeguard


Swings, slides, and more!

Summer Dining Hall

Lots of seating and an up-to-date kitchen.

Fishing Docks and Boat Launch

Canoes, kayaks, lifejackets available.

Campfire Ring

Always plenty of seating and firewood.

The Field

Wide open space for fun and games.