November 2018 Pastor Mark writes:

A note about Stewardship: While November can be a cold and grey month, it is nevertheless for me a month of nostalgia and warm fuzzies as I recall the harvest. I fondly recall the smell of freshly tilled soil, the ubiquitous clods of dirt on the roads and highways from the farmers’ tractors and grain wagons, the sound of the large tractor combines humming in the distant fields, and my sense of awe at the stark beauty of the now empty fields; and I’d stare amazed at the enormous piles of corn (some well over 50 feet high) temporarily stored [...]

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I BELIEVE… September 2018

September is the time of year when everything kicks back into gear, and this is true for St. John’s as well. But this year it seems a little special! For starters, worship services will go back to 10:00 a.m. on September 9. Thank you all for your willingness and playfulness to try something new over the summer. On September 9, the morning will be a celebration while we join with one another and nearly 10,000 other ELCA congregations for ‘God’s Work. Our Hands’Sunday. It will be a great start to our new program year, with celebratory worship and then an [...]

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Message from the Pastor July 2018

In the education series I am currently teaching, ‘Making Sense of Scripture,’ author Rev. Dr. David Lose writes that “Stories, especially family stories, tell us who we are… the stories of the Bible work the same way.  They tell us about our ancestors, our parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles in the faith.  It helps us feel closer to these people who lived so long ago. We have a sense of knowing them, of belonging to the same family.  And when we hear their stories, about their struggles or the tough scrapes they were in, it gives us hope and [...]

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May 2018 Message from the pastor

 The May issue of The Messenger is filled with remarkable ministry.  I hope you will read every word on every page and see the whole of what you are accomplishing as one people– the People of St. John’s Lutheran Church. Each committee is hard at work employing their faith within the niche of our congregation’s whole ministry, lengthening our arm’s reach to embrace the world with the divine love of God in Christ Jesus. The level of commitment seen on these pages is remarkable—especially when one considers that these committee members are all volunteers who not only are giving of [...]

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I Believe – March Message from Pastor Tiede

Our season of Lent continues as a restrained celebration of our baptism into Christ. Together each Wednesday we are exploring what it means to live out our side of the Baptismal covenant in response to the God who has claimed us in the waters of Baptism. God promises to be our God, save us from sin, and deliver us from death and the power of the devil (to paraphrase Luther). We then respond to God’s love with the promise at Baptism to: † live among God’s faithful people, † hear the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper, [...]

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I Believe… a Lenten Message from Pastor Mark

While preparing for worship planning session with Sam and Peder, I stumbled upon a description of the season of Lent within the preaching resources of Sundays and Seasons. I very much appreciated this description of what the season of Lent is for some and how it offers another option as an opportunity of what Lent could be: a season of restrained celebration. A Season of Restrained Celebration When people think of Lent what comes to mind might be repentance, or giving things up, or a focus on the cross. For some it brings to mind a heavy-handed season of inward [...]

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I BELIEVE … December 2017

I recently happened upon an excellent description of our liturgical church year in general and of the liturgical season of Advent in particular within the ELCA’s worship resource titled Sundays and Seasons. The author writes: “The cycle of the (entire) church year orders our time in Christian community around the central mystery of our faith: the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Our experience of this mystery, however, is not linear—a simple narrative path from beginning to end. Our lives are full of endings and beginnings happening all at once, interspersed with waiting, lament, and hope. The ‘now-and-not-yet’ nature [...]

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I believe — November Message from Pastor

October was a month of joyful celebrations! October 21, we hosted Kaitlyn and Isaac Johnson’s wedding. On October 29 we celebrated a baptism for Henry, a baptism for Sylvia, Clara Willette’s confirmation of faith, all under the banner of the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation! All of this brought to life the saying is sure: “Truly the Spirit of the Lord is in this place!” And God’s spirit continues to blow life into us, carrying us into November. November 5 is All Saints Sunday; a day that focuses not only on honoring departed members of the Church and local [...]

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I BELIEVE… October Message from Pastor

Together we have embarked on a year long emphasis of Welcoming: Providing Hospitality & Extending Invitation. Every committee, every small group, the choir, the band, the handbell ensemble, and every member of this congregation is encouraged to explore ways that our congregation might provide that deeply authentic sense of hospitality and extend an invitation to your neighbors, co-workers, and friends to become a part of what God is calling us to become. This year is shaping up to be a very exciting year. Here are few highlights: The Mission Statement Taskforce continues to meet every two weeks with Rev. Glenn [...]

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I BELIEVE… from the Pastor in September 2017

Acts 2: 42 “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” Each of these four activities of the first followers of Jesus became identifying activities of God’s people. These marks of discipleship defined the first group of Christians and I believe they still impact our life in faith today. Over the past three years this little Bible verse has guided our congregational life. Each program year (September through May) we have focused our life together on one of these marks/congregational values: 2015-2016 Fellowship = Serving Youth affected by Food and Housing [...]

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