Chi Rho Center

Justice Page School Food

Page Backpack Program... Food is needed! Please continue to bring the following items for filling the backpacks: cereal (Cheerios, Rice Krispies, Mini-Wheats), rice, canned tuna or chicken, macaroni and cheese, canned fruit, canned corn. We supplement with fresh fruit (purchased with cash donations) and bagels (donated by Bruegger’s on 46th & Nicollet). Sunday School and Child Care Center families are also contributing to the store of food. Thank you for your continued commitment to providing backpacks of food to 15 Justice Page Middle School families.

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Chi Rho Turns 50

We threw a party at Chi Rho on August 19th - over 450 guests were there and said “It was GREAT!” This was the 5th year of Summerfest and Grant Johnson started us off with his unique brand of music. We added some things we hadn’t done before: 1. The Greater Lake Sylvia Association joined us to make a bigger party. 2. We had “We’re Smokin’ Now” grill our meats and Dave Helm and staff cooked the rest of the food. 3. Scott & Eric Belz ran the exciting minnow races. 4. A display of camp history and a short [...]

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