Chi Rho Center

Chi Rho and Greater Lake Silvia Association Get-together!

You are invited Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at Chi Rho Center in Annandale RSVP to St. John's Church Office: or 612-827-4406. If sleeping over Saturday night, please let us know so as to assign beds (bring your own bedding). Look for more details in the Messenger, Facebook, and Sunday bulletins.

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From Dave @ Chi Rho, Annandale

For April 5-6, we will have a ladies’ group of about 15 from Trinity Lutheran Church here for a spiritual retreat. Outside of groups, we are organizing the camp in a manner that will be dramatically different with storage of equipment and making more space in rooms and buildings. I'm work- ing with Keith Korsmo, our new ‘grounds foreman.’ We are developing and working on projects to tidy things up and improve the efficiency of the camp in general and to improve the look of the camp. Snow is melting quickly and Spring is upon us!

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St. John’s is partnering with the Wayzata Community Church…

... in their very exciting summer camp program. This summer they will be using Chi Rho Center during the months of June and July August. They will also be using the retreat center for small group Bible study during the fall and winter of 2019. As part of our efforts to "get to know you better," some members of their congregation, including their council president, attended worship services at St. John's on January 20. They enjoyed the experience very much. They REALLY liked our big rolls and doughnuts at coffee hour. On Sunday, January 27, some members of the Chi [...]

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