April Message from Pastor Tiede

Today I am overwhelmed at the gift of God. I don’t necessarily mean the gifts that God continuously gives, which are truly astounding. But rather that God in and of God’s self is a gift.   God sees me. God knows the darkest parts of my heart and soul.  God does not cast a blind eye to my moments of shame and  embarrassment pretending to NOT see them, but God sees me utterly, completely, crystal clear. And nonetheless God chooses to come to me. God knows that I cannot and will continuously choose to not come to God, and BECAUSE of this reality God chooses to gift God’s self to me. God chooses to love me. God chooses to redeem me. God chooses to forgive me. God chooses to save me. God gives himself to me for me. God is God’s gift to me. And you. And therefore we now have family. I believe that the season of Lent is a tool to help us dig through the distractions of life to rediscover this truth. I believe that the one worship service during the three days of Holy Week bathes us in it. And upon the dawning of Easter the gift that is God lives again and forevermore welds us both to each other and to God. You are loved and beloved. You are cherished. You are seen and valued. You are my sister. You are my brother.  And together we are children of the living God.
~Pastor Mark

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