As of the writing of this article, I have now been with you nine full months. I am, and continue to be, amazed at this congregation’s interconnectedness. You are a people who truly love and appreciate each other and are remarkably gifted at seeking out and intentionally welcoming new faces. This is a value that is deeply set within you, which will serve you well as we continue to pursue God’s calling to be a people who Worship, Welcome, Grow, and Serve.

At our Annual Congregational Budget Meeting, the love and respect you have for one another was palpable. As a congregation, you were right to voice your love and care for one another. You were also right to point out that it is both necessary and prudent that we tend to our deficit, while we move boldly forward into God’s future. It was a hope-filled, inspirational moment. Was this a turning point for our congregation in 2015?

Thank you for your love and your diligence,
Pastor Mark