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Loaves and Fishes Monday, September 24

Volunteers from St. John’s are needed to prepare the evening meal on July 23 for over 80 guests at St. Stephen’s on ClintonAvenue. Please contact the church office or Marlene Holden (612-927-6369) if you are able to help. Thank you!

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From Dave Helm, Chi Rho Center Manager

July 3-8: The month kicks off with the Toso's family reunion—growing bigger each year and now close to 50 people. July 9-12: Edina Boys Cross Country team comes with over 100 athletes and coaches to bond as they partici- pate in activities like Olympic team events (in groups of four) and Ultimate frisbee. Their goal is to work together and support one another through camp. July 13-15: Tae Kwon Do comes for about their 20th year. The group of 25-30 comes with great energy and kindness to everyone. Their goals are to advance belts for some, and some veterans come [...]

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