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A Word from the Pastor

For many followers of Jesus, the liturgical year is the most meaningful during the seasons of Lent and Holy Week. The 40 days of Lent mirror Christ’s 40 days in the wilderness after being baptized by John. Because Christ fasted those 40 days, Christ’s followers have adopted practices of “going without,” and during the season of Lent will fast (abstain) from eating or drinking something. A new fast I heard of this year was a person who abstained from driving! Then there are those who choose a different type of “fasting” by adding a ritual or faith-practice to their daily [...]

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TRUST Youth Activities

Saturday, April 23 -- Earth Day breakfast and park clean-up.  Join TRUST Youth for an inter-generational event at Edina Morningside Church.  Breakfast and Earth Day crafts from 8:30-10, then head to Browndale Park for a clean up and an opportunity to learn about organic gardening. Sunday, May 22 -- Environmental leadership day on the St Croix river.  This day, from 9 am - 4 pm, is most appropriate for teens interested in learning about how God calls us to care for the environment. It will include a day of paddling, lunch on a sand bar and lots of discussion about climate change. [...]

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