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Celebrate a special day in your life or memorialize or honor a loved one by sponsoring flowers for our worship space. You are welcome to take home the arrangements after worship on Sunday. Please sign up on the flower chart located on the bulletin board outside of Fellowship Hall. Costs will vary; please check with the church office for details. Checks will be  payable to St. John’s; indicate “Flowers” in the memo line.

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A Word from the Pastor June 2015

Last year when we met in Cottage Meetings, the Bible verse from Acts 2: 42 guided our conversation: And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. As you told the story of St. John’s Lutheran Church’s history, we heard congregational values emerge. At October’s Visioning Event, we had the opportunity to gather the congregation and tell you what we heard. Also, we reported to you that those descriptive markers of the early church’s devotion to the apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayers were also manifest among us [...]

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Outdoor Worship at St. John’s was a success!

Sunday, July 26th at 10 am - Outdoor Worship, Church Picnic on the Lawn, and Dessert Bake-off! For St. John’s Lutheran Church’s annual outdoor worship service the weather was great – sunny with a few clouds and 72 degrees! The worship service was led by the St. John’s Brass outside on the beautiful lawn of St. John’s church. Members and visitors sat on chairs and sprawled on blankets. Following worship  a free will offering picnic lunch was held with Brats, hot dogs (some vegetarian), watermelon, chips, lemonade and coffee. Thank you to all who brought desserts, helped with grilling, setting [...]

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VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We are going to remove the black metal railing outside the courtyard door and need some extra help, both for removal and filling the holes. Other jobs are laying a little sod and also raising the level of the land by the sidewalk used by the child care customers (kids). Volunteers needed! Contact Joseph Sahai at 952-540-7251.

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Teen Movie Night was a blast!

St. John's teens Jack Hurbanis and Christian Belz partnered with the Children Youth and Family committee to host a teen movie night and ice cream sundae bar! The evening began with a short discussion by St. John's high-school senior Christian Belz on some "aha" moments he had during his Trust Youth trip to Detroit. Following the discussion, they built their own ice cream sundaes and watched a movie together. Contributions to the Sundae bar (toppings, candy, cookies, whipped cream, cherries, etc.) were amazing! A big thank you to Jesse Fanciulli for her help in planning and chaperoning.

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A Word from the Pastor — May 2015

Do you remember the board game called Trivial Pursuit? It is a board game of trivia questions from six different categories: Geography (blue), Entertainment (pink), History (yellow), Arts & Literture (brown), Science & Nature (green), and Sports & Leisure (orange). To start the game, the player picks a player-piece wheel that will eventually (hopefully) hold all six categories’ pie wedge colors. To win the game, you need to answer correctly all six categories to collect that category’s pie wedge, and then answer correctly one last question (from the category selected by your opponents) in the center. It’s all about filling [...]

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